Commitment to Players

  • Coaches shall put the welfare of their players above all else while maintaining professional relationships with them.
  • All games shall be conducted within the letter and intent of the rules of fastpitch softball.
  • Coaches shall always remember that their players are student-athletes and not make demands upon them that would in any way compromise the student-athletes’ academic pursuits.
  • Coaches shall encourage players to exhibit sportsmanship at all times.

Commitment to the Organization

  • Coaches shall behave in such a way that they bring credit to the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION, their players, and themselves.
  • Coaches shall exhibit professionalism in the actions, words, and attire.
  • Coaches shall act in accordance with the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION mission statement and bylaws and the rules of the softball associations that have sanctioned the team.
  • Dissatisfaction with the TAMPA MUSTANGS FASTPITCH ORGANIZATION shall be addressed through the proper channels within the organization and not through public forums.

Commitment to Other Coaches

  • Coaches shall treat their colleagues with dignity and respect.
  • Coaches must refrain from making derogatory statements about another coach or another organization.

Commitment to Umpires

  • All game umpires shall be treated in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
  • Any displeasure with an umpire’s actions or conduct shall be addressed through the proper channels and not through public opinion. The coach is expected to set an example of class of decorum particularly in game situations.