Established in 1981, the Tampa Mustangs has become one of the most prestigious softball organizations in the United States with numerous local, state, regional, and national and international championships. One of the primary reasons for this outstanding success has been the many dedicated coaches who have served this organization. They have made significant contributions as coaches and administrators to the tradition of the organization and, in doing so, have enhanced the image and reputation of the Tampa Mustangs organization. The majority of our coaches started and ended their coaching careers as Tampa Mustangs coaches. This commitment and dedication is almost unheard of in other organizations.

The following coaches have been inducted into the Tampa Mustangs Coaches Hall of Honor for their contribution to the success of the organization. These coaches all strived to make their athletes winners on the field and in the classroom. The majority of the players coached by these outstanding role models have gone on to play at the collegiate level and have become productive citizens.

25 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Ray Seymour (Deceased)

13 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Debbie Holle
  • Joe Bell (Active)
  • Kent Holle

11 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Nate Matthews
  • Sallie Scudder (Deceased)
  • TJ Goelz

10 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Dennis Reddick
  • Derrick Brooks
  • Dick Sanders
  • Rene Ciccarello Jr.
  • Vern Tatum

9 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Dan Ippolitto
  • Lou DiPietro
  • Phil Hollister
  • Preston Mattair (Deceased)
  • Robert Stark
  • Steve Roberts

8 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Earl Cody
  • Jim Urbanik
  • Ray Tapia

7 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Bob Diez
  • Ken Turkel
  • Mario Cainas
  • Phil Garrizzo

6 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Brian Pulling
  • Ed Croney
  • Gary Nash
  • Jim Urbanik
  • Larry Rodriguez
  • Manny Santos

5 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Bob Fiallo
  • Carlos Tejas
  • John DeYoung
  • Roger Rivard

4 Years of Coaching Excellence

  • Don Barron
  • Wayne Piazza